Valentine’s day , not a love story (?)

First off, thanks to Raysrenegade for replying to my last blog.  There seem to be a few issues involving my computer here which kept me from replying to your reply directly on the previous blog, but I thank you for commenting, and mostly for reading my musings!  In general I agree with you about the pool of talent the jays have, which is what makes it so frustrating for us fans… they’re not TOO far out of contention and add in a good starter ( a topic Ill get to in next real blog)  and a 1b who can hit, and a bit of minor fine tuning and they’d leapfrog over the Yankees and rays this year. Instead, management chose to take a step backwards.


Was glad to see the Toronto Sun’s  Ken fidlin agreeing with me on Jose Bautista. what reason could they have to NOT sign him to a long term deal now?  Other than being idiots.  The long time professional writer of all things baseball in toronto notes that the three top fantasy pools around project Jose to hit 37 hr this year and that he is “an above average defender in right field, who posesses one of the better outfield arms in the game” and notes that he is all-round a better choice than Adrian “when’s my contract end” Beltre who just got something like $80M from texas.  signing “a clubhouse leader both on and off the field” is something the Jays have to do.  But likely won’t, because they’re always focussed on five years down the road. And handing us fans a pile of crap, expecting us to stay loyal and show up at the ballpark with its rising ticket prices and ten buck beers to see the players we love play AGAINST us.


It’s Valentine’s Day. It is fitting.  because , like many others, I’ve had a long-term love affair with the Toronto Blue Jays.  but like many a spoiled, narcissistic , stuck-up lover,  they fail to realize there’s only so much a guy will put up with.  trading the most popular player in team history, and the best home-grown pitcher ever to come through syracuse  (now Las vegas) had me wearing a Phils cap last October.  Bautista walking away after being insulted by anthopolous will likely be enough to make me file for a divorce in this love affair.  Give Bautista the contract he deserves– NOW!

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