Jose shows talent will get noticed


Well we’re only an hour or so away from the start of the rubber match with Baltimore, one in which perhaps we’ll see what Jo Jo Reyes can really do now that the monkey is off his back. Reyes of course finally put an end to his record-tying streak of consecutive starts without a win with a convincing complete game win over Cleveland last week. Of course, 11 runs of support didn’t hurt either. Reyes has been effective more often than not in past three weeks, almost as if he was personally taking exception to my suggestion that a southpaw who couldn’t win in over twenty starts should find another line of work. If that’s the case… maybe I should write critical reports of more Blue Jays!


The odds somehow don’t favour Jo Jo today though; not only are Toronto on the road, it’s also Sunday and inexplicably the Jays are just 2-7 this season on Sundays (and equally inexplicably, 9-1 on fridays.)


^^^ ^^^


I was quite surprised to see Ricky Romero back on the mound to start the 7th inning last night after his rough 6th inning in which he gave up the grand slam home run to Mark reynolds. But good on John Farrell for letting him. I’ve said recently that Farrell seems a bit too eager to pull pitchers and thus over-burdens his bullpen, so it’s good to see him let a starter go just a little longer out there than usual, especially when it’s Ricky Romero, who (like it or not) is the apparent “Ace” of the staff. If Romero is really going to take on that role and develop, he’ll have to learn to pitch through adversity and to carry on after bad pitches as if nothing has happened.


Speaking of Romero as “ace”, he’s not an “Ace among aces”…but he holds his own. Comparing the 14 starters who are their team’s #1 in the AL so far, Romero is tied for seventh in wins (5), is seventh in ERA (3.16) and is tied for 9th in innings pitched and innings per outing . On that he’s tied with Mark Buerhle , not bad company to keep. Thus while he’s no Jered Weaver or CC Sabathia so far this season, at least he’s not a Carl Pavano or Luke Hochevaar either!

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Gee- maybe we should stop whining about getting no respect in sports up here in the Great White North! First Canada gets a new NHL team (a bad decision for the league, but that’s a blog for another website), then Vancouver wins the first two games of the Stanley Cup finals (as noted on many American sports’ homepages), then this- currently Jose Bautista is leading all players in all star balloting. And rightly so… leading the league in average and homers will get you noticed. This has never happened before – ever – A Jay leading everyone in all star balloting. But it does put to question the widely held concept among us Canucks that Americans ignore Blue Jays out of some hidden agenda to discriminate against our teams. Perhaps if Canadian sports fans of all the major pro leagues concentrated more on working to get our teams to be competitive and less on feeling like victims, we’d get noticed more. And enjoy our games more.


Congratulations to Jose, and come on jays fans, let’s keep him #1 in voting!

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