Edwin’s secret twin?


Jose Canseco was recently fined for fraudently putting his brother Ozzie into a boxing match claiming it was him. Now that Jose isn’t quite as artificially-enlarged, he and his brother look passably alike. Watching the past few weeks of jays baseball, one wonders if Edwin Encarnacion doesn’t have a twin brother we never knew of! Watching Encarnacion of late is like watching an entirely different player than the one we got familiar with last season and early this year. The Encarnacion who had balls bounce off his glove, couldn’t get to anything more than a foot or two away from him and who was just as likely to hit a Target sign in the outfield as the target of a first baseman’s glove when tossing the ball across the infield. Lately however– wow! On the rare occasions he has been put in the hot corner (usually due to Jose Bautista being mildly injured), he’s been stellar. Diving catches, off-balance throws to cut down hitters…a highlight reel play an hour it seems. I dont know what’s going on, or who’s been talking to him, (Sportsnet did say he, Aaron Hill and Yunel Escobar had been taking a lot of extra infield practise in the last couple of weeks) but it’s working.

This creates a problem for the Jays, mind you. Is this the real Edwin E. and if so should he factor into next year’s plan? Is he a good fall-back plan if Brett Lawrie isn’t all the team’s dreamed he will be? It will be one of the interesting things to watch in the last two months of the campaign.


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getting ready to turn on the TV to watch both Roberto Alomar and Pat Gillick inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Truly a great day for Toronto baseball. Congrats to them.

Who’ll be the next Jay to go into the Hall? I think we’ll have a long wait to find out.


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Walking Josh Hamilton intentionally- maybe sensible in some cases. Walking Hamilton to get to Michael Young? Priceless… if you’re a texas fan. Hamilton’s good. Young’s better… about 30 point higher by average and about 5% less likely to strike out than Hamilton. Someone should be called up on the carpet for last night’s decision to do that which promptly resulted in another cough-up-the-lead loss for Toronto.


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In the last blog, I suggested at least altering the colour of the Jays cap to look more “traditional” . Here’s my Photoshop rendition of what it might look like:


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