win one, lose one


Congrats to Adam Loewen for hitting his first big league home run Sundayt! He’s one of the few that have made the transition from pitcher to outfielder. And as the former, I saw him pitch once or twice for Baltimore. As the latter, I’ve now seen him in a couple of games for the Jays. Seeing both, I’d say Loewen looks like an outfielder! Good on the Blue jays to have recognized it and taken a chance on him.


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sometimes numbers don’t lie: going into the game Sunday, the Jays were exactly at .500 (ya win one, ya lose one)… and their run differential is Zero. Same number of runs scored as runs allowed. 37-36 at Rogers’, 36-37 on the road. Talk about the picture of consistent mediocrity!


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People who don’t live here, even if they follow the Blue jays don’t get it. Apparently neither does Alex Anthopolous. I’ve written here recently about how bad a deal the recent Arizona trade was for Toronto, for public relations if nothing else. Point in case: a year-long contest held by Rogers’ Sportsnet (same owner as the actual ball team) is asking fans to vote for their favourite jays moment ever.

This week, John Mcdonald hitting a home run on Father’s Day after his father died beat out Roberto Alomar being the first Jay ever inducted into the Hall of Fame. A utility infielder hitting a relatively meaningless homer mid-season more in the hearts of the fanbase than a multi-time all-star being named the first member of the team ever as a Hall of Famer ! That is how deep the love of McDonald is around here. And how dumb Anthopolous was to trade him.

By the way, on the very day that Alomar was officially honoured into the Hall of Fame, a local newspaper had a poll to find the fans fave Blue Jay of all time. On that, Roy Halladay trumped Alomar. Yeah, err, the same Roy Halladay Anthopolous also traded away! Hard to lure people to the stadium when you keep kicking the players they love out the door.

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