The awards start adding up for Joey Bats


Congratulations Jose Bautista! We knew the Jays slugger was great; turns out the rest of the league was paying attention: Bautista won his second straight AL Hank Aaron Award. The award is not as well known as ones like the Cy Young but is of similar importance, being awarded to the best hitter in the league as chosen by both fans and a panel of Hall of Fame players.


While some people around here might have grumbled about Jose’s less productive second half than first, he still managed to lead the majors in home runs for the second year in a row, as well as leading them in walks(132), slugging percentage and OBS. How great is that ? Consider that the last player to do that was Barry Bonds back at the height of the Bad Old Days in 2001. the last American league player to do so was Ted Williams ā€“ in 1942!


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A little overdue but appropriate: today the Blue Jays announced a new team policy that will prevent employees from breaking their contracts to take the same position with another team. There’s a line between being a positive, generous employer and being a sap and had they let staff jump ship to do the same job for opponents, that would have allowed the line to be crossed.


The unfortunate thing about it however, is that they had to draft such a rule hastily. Manager John Farrell could have put a stop to all the innuendo and rumours last week simply by declaring he was under contract to Toronto for 2012 and wasn’t going anywhere. Since he didn’t, a slow start by the jays in ’12 might have tongues wagging as to where his loyalties really lie.


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There’s no mulligans in real life, but if they had the chance do you think Toronto would still have made the Mike Napoli for Frank Francisco trade? When you stop rolling on the floor laughing, ponder this one: what’s been the biggest surprise of this year’s World Series- how good Napoli is , or just how amazing Adrian Beltre is with the glove. Napoli’s driven in 9 runs, by my estimation, Beltre has saved closed to that number with his outstanding ā€œDā€.

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