Yankees, Rangers head up Fantasy League picks


Well, don’t look now Toronto fans, but guess who’s now the winningest pitcher in the Majors? With the retirement of Tim Wakefield and ageless Jamie Moyer only vying for a spot on the Rockies roster, as of now, one Roy Halladay has more career W’s – 188- than any other due to hit the mound this spring. Never fear though- if he keeps up his current torrid pace, Kyle Drabek should match that number by 2100 at the latest!


^^^ ^^^^


I’ll be starting my look at the 2012 season and making my predictions for team rankings and playoff contenders by the end of this week. But in the meantime, a quick look at my Fantasy League choices for the upcoming season.


First , my top three picks for each position (or more for OF and pitchers) ranked from gold to bronze:


Catcher: Brian McCann (Atl) , Mike Napoli (tex), Alex Avila (Det)


First Base: Albert Pujols (LAA), Prince Fielder (Det), Joey Votto (Cin)


Second Base: Robinson Cano (NYY), Ian Kinsler (tex), Ricky Weeks (Mil)


Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (Col), Jose Reyes (Mia), Yunel Escobar (Tor)


Third Base: Miguel Cabrera (Det), Ryan Zimmerman (Was), Evan Longoria (Tam)


Outfield: Matt Kemp (LAD), Jose Bautista (Tor), Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos), Nelson Cruz (Tex), Curtis Granderson (NYY), Hunter Pence (Phi), Jay Bruce (Cin), Andre Ethier (LAD), Carl Crawford (Bos)


Des. Hitter: Michael Young (Tex), David Ortiz (Bos), Kendry Morales (LAA)


Starting P: Roy Halladay (Phi), Justin Verlander (Det), CC Sabathia (NYY), Felix Hernandez (Sea), Stephen Strasburg (Was), Cliff Lee (Phi), Jered Weaver (LAA), Chris Carpenter (Stl), Ricky Romero (Tor), Jon Lester (Bos)

Middle Relievers: Francisco Cordero (Tor), Rafael Soriano (NYY), Scott Downs (LAA)


Closers: Jon Papelbon (Phi), Mariano Rivera (NYY), Heath Bell (Mia)


…and some “dark horses”…players who just might be worth a gamble:


C: JP Arencibia (Tor) …he does after all, have home run power and with the downgrade of backup behind him, is likely to be the closest thin the AL will have to an ‘everyday catcher’ this year.


2B: Neil Walker (pit) …might be a star in a different city


3B: Mike Moustakas (KC) …started to look like the star he was projected to be by end of ’11


OF: Yoenis Cespedes (Oak) …wary of unproven international players who’ve never been in the bigs, and even more wary of A’s, but this guy could be the field equivalent of the next Livan Hernandez


SP: Doug Fister (Det)… was last year’s performance in the Motor City a mirage? With the Tigers offense and the anemic competition in the Central, he should rack up a decent number of wins anyway.


Up next— a twist on the fantasy concept…


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