STL, Cin, Phi, Arz…which red capped team will be in the World series?


Final Predictions for National League 2012


Divisional winners: Philadelphia, St Louis, Arizona

Wild Cards: Milwaukee, Cincinnati


Playoffs: Milwaukee over Cincinnati (1 game)

Philadelphia over Milwaukee

St Louis over Arizona

St Louis over Philadelphia


League Championship: St Louis


Batting Champion: Jose Reyes, Miami

Home Runs: Joey Votto, Cincinnati

RBI: ryan Braun, Milwaukee

ERA: Roy Halladay, Philadelphia

Wins: Roy Halladay, Philadelphia


MVP (top 3): Matt Holliday (STL), roy Halladay (PHI), Joey votto (CIN)


Cy Young: Roy Halladay (PHI), Matt Cain (SF), Josh Johnson (MIA)


Rookie of the Year: Julio Teheran (ATL)


Another trip to the World Series may be in the cards for the Cards; while not the best team on paper or for a 162 game stretch, they’re blessed by being in a somewhat mediocre division and by the time October rolls around they should have a massive playoff rotation ready with Carpenter, Wainwright and Lohse. Not far off the trio the Phillies sport, but where the redbirds have the advantage of course is in hitting– once their divisional rivals are eliminated, no other team in the NL comes close to that, even sans Mr Pujols.


As a sidebar, I will say that my picks are a voice in the wilderness. Of 5 Toronto Sun sports writers, two pick Philly, and one each choose Miami, San Fran and Arizona to make the World Series. Of six USA Today writers, four pick the Phils, with one each choosing Arizona and Atlanta.

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