Not rushing it, but looking ahead to the playoffs

So with the teams assessed and the season a few games in, let’s look at the crystal baseball for the regular season’s end and beyond…

AL Predictions
Batting champion: Machado (Bal), M Cabrera (Det), Ellsbury (Bos)
Home runs: Bautista (Tor), Fielder (Tex), M Cabrera (Det)
RBI: Beltre (Tex), Ortiz (Bos), Encarnacion (Tor)
SB: Ellsbury (NY), Davis (Det), Rios(Tex)
OPS: M Cabrera (Det), Bautista (Tor), Machado (Bal)
Wins : Darvish (Tex), Verlander (Det), Shields (KC)
ERA: Verlander (Det), Hernandez (Sea), Shields (KC)
Saves: Nathan (Det), Uehara (Bos), Holland (KC)

MVP: Trout (LAA)* I rather think he’ll win it just for showing up more or less regardless of how good his season may be
M Cabrera (Det), Ellsbury (NY)
Cy Young: Darvish (Tex), Verlander (Det), Shields (KC)
rookie of year: Walker (Sea), Odorizzi (TB), Correa (Hou)
Manager of year: Farrell (Bos), Maddon (TB), Washington (Tex)

AL East : Boston
AL Central: Detroit
AL West: Texas
Wild cards: New York, Seattle

Seattle over NY for wild card
Texas over Detroit
Boston over Seattle

AL champion: Boston over Texas (alas. I think their experience and deeper starting rotation will prevail over the better hitting of Texas)

and briefly, over in the National League

HOME RUNS: Stanton (Mia)
RBI: Gonzalez (Col)
SB: Hamilton (Cin)* I”m going to guess about 66
OPS: Votto (Cin)
WINS: Wainwright (STL)
ERA: Fernandez (Mia)
SAVES: Kimbrel (Atl)
MVP: Freeman (Atl)
CY YOUNG: Wainwright (STL)
ROOKIE: Hamilton (Cin)

NL EAST: Washington
NL WEST: Los Angeles
WILD CARDS: Cincinnati, San Francisco

San Francisco over Cincinnati for Wild Card
St Louis over Los Angeles
Washington over San francisco

NL CHAMPION: St Louis over Washington (too much experience and starting pitching in STL for young Nats to overcome)

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