Power rankings May

So, a little over a month in to the campaign, one has to wonder what’s in the water Milwaukee are brewing with, Arizona seem snakebit and Detroit, predictably are walking away with their division. No surprise Toronto is below .500, surprising however that its been the bullpen largely letting the Jays down and moreover, that every team in the AL East has a negative run differential thus far. Maybe our hallowed division isn’t the powerhouse we all thought it. My newest “power rankings” , with the odds of winning it all this year:

1. Detroit 7:1
2. Boston 7:1
3. Atlanta 7:1
4. St Louis 8:1
5. Texas 10:1
6. Washington 11:1
7. Oakland 13:1
8. NY Yankees 13:1
9. LA Dodgers 13:1
10. San Francisco 15:1
11. Cincinnati 30:1
12. Milwaukee 40:1
13. Tampa Bay 50:1
14. LA Angels 50:1
15. Colorado 60:1
16. Pittsburgh 60:1
17. Kansas City 100:1
18. Toronto 100:1
19. Baltimore 125:1
20. Cleveland 150:1
21. Philadelphia 200:1
22. Miami 200:1
23. NY Mets 200:1
24. Chicago WS 200:1
25. San Diego 200:1
26. Seattle 200:1
27. Chicago C 250:1
28. Arizona 250:1
29. Minnesota 250:1
30. Houston 250:1
I like Toronto’s odds a little better than I did during spring training, but still won’t be betting the farm ON the Jays farm being able to sure up the team enough to make a run for it; Milwaukee and Seattle’s fortunes have risen the most but it’s difficult to take the brew crew for real, particularly with Ryan Braun now out with the famous “oblique strain”. What could Toronto realistically do to be better than long-shots to be anything other than also rans? We’ll look at that soon…

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