Wild cards could be wild… my picks to win

Pennant fever is spreading and we don’t want a cure! Tomorrow, time permitting, I’ll round up my picks for Blue Jays who should win awards this season (and players from other teams if somehow Toronto can’t sweep them! šŸ˜› ) Today, just a quick post about the road to the Division series.

My picks: in tonight’s game, New York over Houston. Neither team has been on much of a roll of late, but I personally like Tanaka if he has his A-game over Keuchel. Particularly if Keuchel is having to pitch on short rest for the first time in his career. Many will disagree, but it’s the way I see it. Besides which, the Yankees have too many savvy veterans that know the routine by now and have a big home advantage. Bronx fans are pretty loud and demonstrative; Houston struggled at the best of times on the road, finishing with just 33 road wins. Toronto fans should be going against their instincts , by the way and pulling for a New York win, given how much better the Jays handled them than Houston this season (of course, that’s a moot point if KC win their series, or dare I even say it, the Jays lose in the first round.)

Tomorrow, I’ll go along with the crowd a bit more – Chicago win the National League wildcard over Pittsburgh. Pirates have home advantage, the better regular season record and I dare say a better all-around team. If it was a long series I’d back them. But the Cubs have the moxy and swagger of youth, and more importantly, the best pitcher in baseball of late, Jake Arrieta on the mound. Gerritt Cole is a solid pitcher; Arrieta’s been untouchable over the past couple of months (11-0, allowing all of 41 hits over a dozen starts with a microscopic, ridiculous 0.41 ERA since the beginning of August.) Cubs vs. Cards should be a fun series for midwestern fans!

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