The September That Was… And A Peak At Playoffs

The Summary-

Team Record: 12 – 16 (.429)

4th place all month

Player Of The Month Randal Grichuk

The bar wasn’t set all that high but Grichuk delivered, as he did in June. Randal’s batting average didn’t budge during the final months but his 8 double, 6 homer performance meant a .553 slugging percentage. Coupled with ongoing solid OF defense, that merits a tip of the cap. Grichuk is showing himself to be a tremendously streaky player. If Toronto can find a way to keep him hot longer, he might become the star they had hoped he would be.

Pitcher Of The Month – Ken Giles

Second month in a row for the newcomer who says he’s enjoying his time here more than he did last year when he won a World Series in Houston. Giles was close to perfect in his 9 appearances this past month, going 7 for 7 in save opportunities and not allowing an earned run. An honorable mention to rookie Thomas Pannone who was 3-0 with a 3.43 ERA through 6 games (4 of them starts.)

Story Of The MonthWin One For The Gibby

No one was surprised but it was made official during the last week of the season that manager John Gibbons was departing the team after the season wrapped up. Gibbons earned the respect of his players, and the fans by being a “player’s manager” and being a far more approachable, chatty manager than the theoretically-more-talented John Farrell whom he replaced. Gibbons leaves as the second winningest Jays manager ever, behind only Cito Gaston (with whom the team won 2 World Series, of course.) Gibby and the organization found a classy way to end his tenure, with a joint news conference before the final home game, allowing Toronto fans to show their appreciation.

Next up, later this week we look at the whole year in summary and perhaps the playoff outlook. In the meantime, a few quickie predictions for the post-season:

NL— wild card Colorado

NLDS – LA over Atlanta, Milwaukee over Colorado

NLCS – Milwaukee … who woulda thunk it?

AL– wild card Oakland … yes, NY should win easily. But those A’s are just surprising

ALDS – Boston over Oakland, Houston over Cleveland

ALCS — Boston

World series… to be continued!


    • Dave

      Anything can happen in October! On paper, no question LA are far better but Milwaukee’s one of those teams who seem to have gotten hot at the right time and over-achieve, rather like Oakland in the AL. At the other end of the playoff spectrum, there’s Cleveland, who granted cakewalked away with their division but given the MVP-worthy year from Ramirez, the seasons Lindor, Edwin E and most of their pitchers (Carrasco, Bauer, Kluber etc) had, the total seems less than the sum of the parts…the Indians had a losing record against other teams at or above .500. I think they might fold quickly in the division series…

      • badfinger20

        The Dodgers had trouble with the Brewers this year. I can’t see the Rockies beating them either.

        I’m not a big believer in Cleveland either.

      • badfinger20

        The match up I want to see is LA and NY… I hate the Yankees but I remember those from my childhood. Many other people would NOT want to see that.

      • badfinger20

        Yes it would… you know the first headline I saw yesterday was “Joe Maddon will Get to keep Job”….I’m like what? Really? How soon they forget.

      • Dave

        yeah, quite a few were surprised that the Twins axed Paul Molitor after one bad-ish season (forgetting what he’s done for baseball in that city and how he took the team from last to the Wildcard game the previous year). Really is ‘what have you done for me lately?”

      • badfinger20

        That did surprise me about Molitor… people want success now but it doesn’t work like that.

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