American League Season End Predictions


Mookie Betts (Bos)

runner-up: Mike Trout (LAA), Jose Altuve (Hou)

dark horse : Byron Buxton (Min)


Chris Sale (Bos)

runner-up: Justin Verlander (Hou), Mike Clevinger (Cle)

dark horse : Aaron Sanchez (Tor)


Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Tor)

runner-up: Eloy Jimenez (Chi)

dark horse: Jesus Luzardo (Oak)


Kevin Cash (TB)

runner-up: AJ Hinch (Hou)

dark horse: Rocco Baldelli (Min)



New York (I have Minnesota and LAA tying for second wild card spot, but NY should take either)


Houston over New York

Cleveland over Boston


Houston over Cleveland

and, (Drumroll please)

World Series:

Houston over St. Louis


  1. badfinger20

    I hope you are wrong about the World Series… I think you are right with Vladimir Guerrero Jr Rookie of the Year. I have to wonder if Chris Sale is going to stay healthy…

    • Dave

      Always just a crap shoot…who saw Oakland playing .600 last year or Blake Snell winning Cy Young? Your Dodgers are off to a flying start…you gotta like that.
      ‘Funny’ thing about Sale is for years I assumed he’d blow out his arm/elbow with his build, velocity & sort of near sidearm delivery, but he kept on going so I finally figured ‘ the guy’s indestructible’…just as it seems he’d not.

      • badfinger20

        Blake Snell was a shock Cy Young. Sale may be fine but I’ve noticed…once an injury happens like he had last year they start popping up…especially if they depend on the fastball.

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