A Reality Check From The Late Tyler Skaggs

Saddening and shocking to hear of the death of Tyler Skaggs of the Angels today. The 27 year-old who was as close to a pitching star as Los Angeles Anaheim has these days was found dead in his Dallas-area hotel room early today. The Angels were in Dallas for a series against the Rangers with tonight’s game postponed as a result.

I haven’t seen Tyler pitch many times but he was a rising talent, but more importantly, a young married man who should have had most of his life ahead of him. It’s always disheartening to me when rock stars die young, but it seems extra tough when it’s athletes we assume are in top health and the prime of life. My condolences go to his wife Carli, his family and the teammates who’ll be left with a big hole in the clubhouse.

It was the second time in a year the Angels have mourned. Infielder Luis Valbuena of the team died in a car crash in Venezuela in December.

It’s a sad reminder that as important as the games are and how much we invest in rotisserie leagues and debating trades, at the end of the day, it’s just a job for them and an entertainment for us. There are always more important things.Too bad it sometimes take things like this to remind us…


    • Dave

      well… final autopsy should be released in Octber I’ve read. A California paper published an article saying they had info that he died of yet another opiod OD, but they later withdrew it. Sounds plausible but guess all will have to wait to see what final report says. Police say it showed no signs of being suicide or foul play. It was a terrible shock, especially for the teammates I guess

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