100 Games In, VG2 Swimming With Trout

First note for today. Congrats to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.  Number 27 played game #100 of his career Tuesday, and had his 30th multi-hit game to celebrate. As of 100 games, Vlad has 104 hits, including 23 doubles, 15 HR and has driven in 58. Add 40 walks to his .280 average and you find a .353 on base percentage, and a .469 slugging percentage. All told, OPS of .822 and a WAR of 2.2 (actually a 2.5 offensively but a slight negative defensively.) Numbers a veteran would be proud of, let alone a rookie!

As a point of reference, another player who hit the 100 game mark seven years back. Mike Trout. Trout played his 100th game, appropriately enough on July 4, 2012. He had two hits against Cleveland that day, bringing his season average to .343. However, his first 40 games, in 2011, weren’t very remarkable, so all together after 100 games, Trout had 109 hits, with 20 doubles, 3 triples, 15 HR and 52 RBI. He was hitting an even .300, with fewer walks than Vlad, and a .355 on base, .494 slugging and .849 OPS.

A .300 average and .849 OPS top a .280 one with .822 OPS… but not by that much. Point is, Guerrero’s off to a remarkable start not that different than Mike Trout was a few years ago. And now I seem to be in the minority when I argue that Trout isn’t the best player ever.

So, if Vlad can continue to be just a little bit lesser than Trout throughout his career… I think we Jays fans have reason to rejoice! And that’s without even guessing at where Bo Bichette’s numbers will be by his 100th game, probably around May of next year.

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