About One Flew Over the Jays Nest

One flew over the Jays nest  is Dave R’s commentary on major league baseball, and more specifically, the Toronto Blue Jays.   Dave grew up in suburban Toronto and remembers fondly watching Expos ball games on TV when he was a child (although back then Pete Rose’s Big Red Machine was “his” team).  Like most Ontarians, he was delighted when Toronto got a franchise of their own and he’s been a fan of the blue and white since.  

Opening day at Exhibition Stadium shivering watching Cleveland play the Jimmy Key era team;  watching Dave Stieb’s no hitter on TV  (also against the Indians); going to the 1991 All Star Game at the Skydome;  the triumphant victory that was 1992, and the subsequent one in ’93; the greatness of Carlos Delgado and Roy Halladay contrasted against the mediocrity of the teams they played on… all part of his memories of the team . In this blog he comments on the current Jays, and MLB in general , and is known at times to offer his free advice to the front office.  If you’re a Blue Jays fan, you’ll want to fly over the Jays nest too!

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